Contributing to the New Horizons project


As you develop on New Horizons, you will contribute to a centralized code base in parallel with other developers for maximum efficiency. Generally speaking, this means you will use git to fork or clone from the 'master' branch a new baseline from which to contribute new code to later share with fellow developers.

Create a branch

In the previous steps you downloaded, built, and run the New Horizons application.

The following command presumes you will add new features/updates to the artificial population generation service for a given ticket number:

git branch <<feature/fix/update/>APGS-<ticket-number>>

Switch to the new branch

Suppose you are working on a fix for the artificial population generation service, and your ticket no. is 0821:

git checkout fix/APGS-0821

Implement Changes and Commit

Upon completion of the previous command, you will have created a new branch from master upon which new code may be add. Work within the newly created branch and commit new changes to the project using git commit.

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