New developer onboarding

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to MTP Corporation, where we're unrolling the future™. We're thrilled to have you on board the New Horizons software development team, where we're pushing the boundaries of what we call reality.

Our digital reality offering is one of the best in the world, hosting nearly one billion satisfied users concurrently—more than any other platform. You will join our ongoing efforts to enrich our users' experience through feature additions, code anomaly resolutions, and continuous system performance optimization.

From our humble beginnings as a toilet paper company into the most foreward thinking software company in the world, MTP has evolved into a global leader in cloud computing, A.I., and now, digital reality technology through perserverance and critical thinking. If you equip the same mindset in your developer journey with us, you can expect a similar trajectory for both your personal and professional advancement.

Building New Horizons

Let's guide you through the process of building the software on your local machine so you can begin contributing to the project.

  1. Clone the Repository:

    Begin by cloning the New Horizons repository to your local machine. Open your terminal and execute the following command:

    git clone

    This command fetches the latest version of the project to your computer, providing you with the source code and necessary files.

  2. Navigate to the Project Directory:

    Change your current working directory to the newly cloned 'new_horizons' folder:

    cd new_horizons
  3. Build the Binary with Make: Utilize the 'make' command to build the binary from the source code:


    This command initiates the compilation process, generating the executable binary for New Horizons.

  4. Run the Program: Once the build process is complete, execute the following command to run the New Horizons program:


Congratulations! You've successfully cloned the repository, built the binary, and initiated New Horizons on your local machine. Dive into the code, explore the features, and get ready to contribute to the ever-evolving digital reality experience provided by MTP Corporation.

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