Flux II

I go to my bedroom. I find you in a world where nothing is hurried. You sit still. I feel your shoulders tighten.

"I'm scared, I hate it now," I tell you.

"What do you mean?" She whispers and I feel her heartbeat as it's on a steady pulse. "Stop," she says, "do nothing. Just breathe."

You are like a child in your mind, telling yourself what you will do I tell her she needs to get this over with.

"No! It's never your fault. No one will tell you… just you and me. And I need you to be quiet."

"It will get worse" I tell her. Her face suddenly darkens as I turn my head to look at her. She closes her eyes. We lie down.

I sleep in a bed covered with snow. With my feet above the powder, I feel him. He feels me, in pain and helplessness I don't want to leave you here I am the one who has done this to me, to you. You are meant to be my best friend, but now, in your mind, I feel him too. Her body is shaking now. It's like it's melting away. I grab her shoulders, hold her tight. As I slowly begin to shake her she looks at me with a wide and innocent smile before turning pale black from the exertion.

Author's note: this story was generated by feeding the Flux story into the artificial intelligence program GPT-2. It was then lightly edited by a human.

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